Accommodation Kokkini Hani: peace and quiet
At 2 minutes walking distance from Zorbas Island you will find this small holiday paradise consisting of 25 apartments with a beautiful swimming pool. A quiet, sandy beach is right at your doorstep.

The accommodation Kokkini Hani is especially suitable for those that value their privacy. The accommodation is set up as a small village, surrounded by flowers and greens, with small corners and spots to enjoy the shade. At this accommodation you will not find any loud vacationing or partying  guests, this is a place to relax.

Your room
The apartments are furnished in a simple traditional manner, yet everything one could need is available. Air conditioning, refrigerator, cooking area, even an oven is provided. Larger families or groups are more than welcome, we will just reserve one of the apartments with several bedrooms for you. And of course you can use all the facilities Zorbas Island has to offer.

Accommodation Anthoula

Welcome to Greek family life
At a 2 minute walk from Zorbas Island you will find the Anthoula apartments. This accommodation breathes tradition and authenticity, as if you just walked into a Cretan living room. The owners live on site all summer and happily help you with anything you may need.
The Greek hospitality is world famous, at Anthoula there is no escaping it. Stories of extra plates set at the dinner table or bags with fresh fruit hanging at your door, are numerous.

The apartments
Anthoula is situated at a 2 minute walk from the beach and a 5 minute walk from the village centre. The apartments are decorated traditionally and are equipped with all the necessary basics like air conditioning, refrigerator and cooking area. The guests that choose Anthoula, choose to participate in Cretan life. Families are more then welcome, Anthoula even offers apartments with 3 bedrooms. There is no swimming pool but we gladly invite you to join the guests at Zorbas Island where you can use all of their facilities.