Accommodation Anthoula

Welcome to Greek family life
Accommodation Kokkini Hani, Anthoula: At a 2 minute walk from Zorbas Island you will find the Anthoula apartments. This accommodation breathes tradition and authenticity, as if you just walked into a Cretan living room. The owners live on site all summer and happily help you with anything you may need.
The Greek hospitality is world famous, at Anthoula there is no escaping it. Stories of extra plates set at the dinner table or bags with fresh fruit hanging at your door, are numerous.

The apartments
Anthoula is at a 2 minute walk from the beach and a 5 minute walk from the village centre. The apartments are decorated traditionally and are equipped with all the necessary basics like air conditioning, refrigerator and cooking area. The guests that choose Anthoula, choose to participate in Cretan life. Families are more then welcome, Anthoula even offers apartments with 3 bedrooms. There is no swimming pool but we gladly invite you to join the guests at Zorbas Island where you can use all of their facilities.

We organize excursions for our guests ourselves, where we like to go to places that are not described in the tourist guides. Here you will see the real Crete! We organize walks through olive fields and villages where you will encounter few people along the way. But we also climb and clamber through various gorges. So if you like a little more challenge, that’s a must. In some gorges there is water all year round, so wet feet guaranteed. Along the way we will have lunch at beautiful places that you would not have visited otherwise. Please see our page about excursions.

If you would like more information about a holiday in Crete, we will be happy to assist you. Send an email to and we will answer you personally as soon as possible.

Accommodation Kokkini Hani