Culture and traditions on Crete

Crete: the island of diversity
Besides the glorious nature, the scorching sun, the beautiful beaches and the well known hospitality, Crete offers an extensive history and quaint traditions that will enchant the culture enthusiast. Every village has its own story, every church her own Saint, every archeological site its own myths and legends and every season her own traditions. Through our culture excursions we would like to get you acquainted with this side of Crete.

The olive harvest
As soon as summer leaves the island, it is time to harvest the olives. We will take you into the fields where you can see how the olives are picked, gathered and cleaned from leaves and branches. Afterwards we will take you to an olive oil factory so you will have seen the whole process.

The wine tasting afternoon
Half of August it is time to pick the grapes. Many villages put on big Wine Fests where often the grapes are still pressed by foot. We will take you to a vineyard where the wine is maturing in old wooden barrels and you will hear all the ins and outs of the different grapes and different wines they bring forth. Of course we will taste many of those wines while we are listening.

The Raki distillery
After the wine is made the left-overs of the grapes are brought to the local distillery. The distilling process of every Cretans’ favourite drink is a well known tradition. Meat and potatoes are brought to throw on the bbq, music is played and in the meanwhile we try the first Raki coming out of the kettles. An afternoon not to be missed.

Deserted villages
Prosperity does have its’ disadvantages. For instance on Crete many people left their villages overnight in search of a better life. Empty houses with personal belongings still on the kitchen table give a thorough impression of what life was like back in the 60’s. We will make a lovely walk through such a village and you will feel as if being thrown back in time.

Pottery and the making of cheese
For many years Crete has been well known for its wonderful cheeses, made by the shepherds in the mountains. We will visit one of these shepherds in his hut where we will be shown how the cheese is made from beginning to end. Another famous Cretan product is the handmade pottery. We will take you to a local craftsman where you will be able to learn this art by taking place behind the wheel yourself.

Introduction into the Greek language
Greek is a fabulous language that, alas, for most is incomprehensible. Still, Greek is a large part of all European languages. In half a day we will give you an insight in the language after which you will be able to greet, order a drink and thank your hosts in perfect Greek.

Crete is built up of archaeological sites, the one more spectacular than the other. The best known are Gortys (ancient capital of Crete), Faestos (discovery place of the famous disc) and Knossos (home of the Minotaur). These sites can be visited all year around and are easily accessible. We are always available with road maps and routes for you or you could come on one of our guided excursions.