Cooking workshops on Crete, Greece

Cooking workshops on Crete, Greece: Crete is world famous because of the Mediterranean diet. Not only are the Cretan eating habits amongst the healthiest world wide, the kitchen itself exists of many diverse dishes. From salads to pulses, from ribs to hare and lamb, from sardines to the most exotic shellfish… it has everything. Add the extra virgin olive oil and the fresh homegrown herbs and you have a recipe for success.

1 day cooking workshops on Crete

For many years we have been organizing a variety of cooking workshops where we teach you the basics of the Greek and Cretan cuisine. Together with the chef you will learn how to prepare different dishes in one day so you can surprise friends and family once you have arrived back home. At the end of our cooking workshop we will taste all our creations while enjoying a nice glass of wine.

Extended cooking courses
For the professional and the cooking enthusiast we organize multiday cooking courses. During these days we will teach you the secrets of the Greek and Cretan cuisine where we will concentrate on a different aspect of the Cretan diet every day. Together with the chef you will go and buy the ingredients and pick the necessary herbs. Depending on the season we will take you on outings to a winery, olive oil factory or a cheese making shepherd. Should you have any special wishes like Greek desserts, pies or marmalade: please let us know, we are happy to oblige. 

Special diets
The Greek diet is suitable for vegetarians, patients with diabetes or people with lactose intolerance. There are many dishes that can be cooked for all these groups and we will be happy to organize a special cooking workshop for you should you be interested. Please send us an e-mail so we can inform you in detail.

The Holiday on Crete Cookbook
A variety of the recipes mentioned in the descriptions above have been gathered in a special cookbook. You are able to order the book online. You can send us an email for more information!

Have a look at the photobook

If you would like more information about a holiday in Crete, we will be happy to assist you. Send an email to and we will answer you personally as soon as possible.