Spring: Low season on Crete
Spring is without a doubt the most beautiful season on Crete. The temperature is between 17 and 25 degrees and the sea water slowly starts to become comfortable. The whole island is blossoming; you will find an oasis of wild flowers such as orchids and irises. This season is especially suitable for the nature and culture lover that wishes to explore the island. Although not all excursions are yet available, we offer a wide range of hiking and rambling excursions, boat trips and cooking workshops. The height of spring is the Easter celebration that takes at least a week. We would love to familiarize you with it, please read more on our spring page: Spring on Crete.

Summer: High season on Crete

Beach, sun and sea are plentiful in summer. The island fills with tourists through out the months of July and August. They are mostly staying in the bigger hotels. Even so, there are many unspoiled spots on Crete where one can meet the locals and get to know their cultures and traditions. Due to the hot weather the coastal parts of the island become a bit arid. But the inlands stay beautifully green… one can even visit a waterfall. Most popular are the boat trips, there is nothing like snorkeling in the Mediterranean or sun bathing on a deserted beach. Half of August the wine season starts on Crete so you will have to join us on one of our wine making trips. As you can see, in high season you can find busy beaches and resorts or serene peace and quiet… How about a combination.

Autumn: Low season and Indian summers
Autumn is not really a season on Crete; it is more like an Indian Summer. The weather is often beautiful till end of November. The sea has a wonderful temperature, the nights are less warm and rain is at a minimum. The island slowly becomes green again and the agricultural life starts: time to harvest the olives. A very special time on our island, every village becomes busy as a bee hive. The families go out on a daily basis to bring in their olives and meet up at their regional oil factories. This is also the time the Cretan drink raki is made. On our trips we will show you all of these traditional crafts.

Winter: Winter lay over and holidays

Whether you would like to stay all winter or just celebrate the holidays with us, Crete is the best island for both. The seaside has the mildest winter climate in Europe where up in the mountains you will find thick layers of snow. Just imagine leaving in the morning for a snowball fight and bbq high up in the mountains… after a one hour ride you are back at the beach sipping a cocktail. The temperature is averaged between 15 and 20 degrees, but even 25 degrees is not uncommon. The apartments that offer winter stay are all heated and, very important, are located in villages that do not become ghost towns after the season. Christmas and New years is a mixture of old and new traditions. These holidays were never celebrated very big on Crete in the past, but they have caught up very well over the past 2 decades. Every town is decorated with lights, the bigger cities have Christmas fairs, carols both in English and Greek are sung and the houses are decorated festively. Please check out our Christmas program on this page: Winter on Crete.

If you would like more information about a holiday in Crete, we will be happy to assist you. Send an email to zorbasisland@gmail.com and we will answer you personally as soon as possible.