Autumn on Crete
The autumn on Crete is nice and warm. With an average of 24 degrees in September, Crete is one of the warmest places in Europe. This period is not as busy as the summer. So if you like to have a good rest, without a lot of people, this is the best time to come to Crete. We also offer a lot of excursions and activities at this time of year. Here you will find some of the excursions we offer:

Greek cooking workshop
We offer you the opportunity to learn how to make typical greek dishes. When the weather is nice we will take you into the nature to do your cooking course over there. You will learn to make greek dishes and afterwards you will taste it in combination with a nice winery. Read more

Walks & Hikes
Also in this period we offer you the chance to get familiar with the flora, fauna, history and culture of Crete. You have the possibility to walk with our specialized tour guide or without our tour guide. We have walks for the inexperienced walkers but we also offer challenging walks for the more experienced walkers. Read more

Boat trips
In this period we offer some very nice boat trips. You can go sailing or with a motor boat, in combination with snorkeling on the best snorkeling spots. On board of the boat we offer you food and drinks. Read more

Unkown Crete
On our tour we will take you to some typical Cretan villages. We also take you to the olive factory and pottery. Afterwards we will drive through some olive tree fields and we will visit some old churches and monasteries.

Quad tour
On a quad tour we will drive through some old authentic villages. We will also drive through rough nature and olive fields. We will mainly drive offroad, so it is a very adventurous excursion.

Diving on Crete
If you like to dive this will be the perfect excursion for you. We offer you the opportunity to dive everywhere on Crete. But also if you have never dived before, we give you the chance to learn it, or even get your PADI certificate. Also groups of divers are at the right place here. The sea temperature is still above 20 degrees in autumn, so the sea has a perfect diving temperature. Read more

For more information about our excursions and accommodation on Crete, please visit our Excursion page.

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