Spring on Crete
During the most important holiday of Crete, Greece we organize a beautiful excursion and activity program. Please make your choice out of the possibilities below for a nice holiday on Crete during the spring.

River tour
A wonderful nature walk through mountain villages and old river beds where you can get a feel for the unknown side of Crete. We will tell you all about the amazing array of wild growing flowers and herbs during the spring on Crete, tell the tales of history and myths concerning the area and explain the Easter traditions to you at length. This walk is suitable for all ages.

Easter activities

Greek cooking workshop
Especially during Easter there are a lot of authentic Greek dishes. Together with our chef you will prepare delicious Greek Easter dishes and prepare the traditional Easter dinner. A fabulous day for all ages after which you can surprise family and friends back home with some Greek traditional food.

Easter hike
An adventurous hike through a wild part of nature. Our path leads us through what might even feel like a jungle, where we will need to make our own way once or twice. We will pick herbs and spices to make our own mountain tea while enjoying the open air. This walk is 10 to 12 km and is suitable for every hiker that likes a bit of a challenge.

The Easter Mass
We will take you to the Easter Mass at the local church where the whole village will be gathering. On this night you will get to know the locals and their traditions up close: you may even join in all the rituals regardless of your faith. This night can not be missed during your holiday on Crete.

Should you wish more information on our Easter excusions, please visit our Excursion page.

If you would like more information about a holiday in Crete, we will be happy to assist you. Send an email to zorbasisland@gmail.com and we will answer you personally as soon as possible.