Summer on Crete
The summer on Crete is mostly warm and sunny. In June we have an average temperature of 24 degrees celsius. In Juli and August there is an average temperature of 26 degrees celsius. The summer is also the most busy holiday period on Crete. The most tourists come in this time of year for a holiday on Crete. Mostly when you book excursions in the busy period, you’ll find that the excursions will be overcrowded. But we offer excursions to places which are not overcrowded. We make tours to places which you don’t find by the average excursion provider. We change the excursion program every year, so we will stay unique in comparison to the other excursion providers. For example the Samaria gorge is one of the famous gorges on Crete. In high season, up to 5000 people a day walk through this gorge. But Crete has so much more to offer! Beside the activities we provide, we also have a cozy atmosphere in the bar.

Walks and hikes
We have a very big variety of walks in the north, south, east and west of Crete. The are walks for the inexperienced walkers but also some challenging hikes for the experienced walker. We have gorge walks but also round walks through typical greek villages. On every tour there is a tour guide who goes with you, to explain you about the flora and fauna, history and culture. You can enjoy a meal in the nature or at a greek taverna. We also offer you the opportunity to hike or walk without a tour guide. You can walk with a gps. We will drop you off at a dropping place and you can find your way back, using the gps.

Greek cooking workshop
A workshop where you will learn to make a variety of typical greek dishes. Mostly we will take you into the nature to do the cooking over there. It is also possible to book a cooking week, so you can learn to make greek dishes every day of your vacation.

Unknown Crete
In the morning we will start driving to a few cultural villages. And we will also make a stop at the pottery, olive factory and old churches. After visiting those places we will stop in a village to make a small round walk.

Boat tour in the summer on Crete
In the morning we will go to the harbour to our private boat. We will start sailing to a snorkeling spot. Here you can choose to go in the water for snorkeling or you can stay on the boat to eat and drink something. Afterward the boat will sail to a small village. In this village you will get the opportunity to lunch and walk around the village.

Snorkling in the summer on Crete
We offer various possibilities to go snorkeling. You can go snorkeling by yourself in the area, we can take you to the diving school to take snorkeling lessons or we take you on the boat to go snorkeling. We also give you the opportunity to go snorkeling in the south.

For more information about our excursions and accommodation on Crete, please visit our Excursion page or send us a email