Snorkeling on Crete
We can offer you a lot of possibilities to snorkel on Crete. We offer snorkel lessons at diving schools. You can go with a speedboat to a nice snorkeling spot or even with our Boat trips there is a change to have a nice snorkel experience. But you can also snorkel in the neighbourhood by yourself. There are enough opportunities to snorkel on Crete.

Snorkeling tour with speed boat
We will begin our day with a theory lesson with the diving instructor explaining the basics of safety rules and equipment. After this we will leave by speed boat to a beautiful little island where our fist snorkel tour will take place. With the instructor you can even take a tour through the underwater caves. After about an hour we will leave for a deserted beach straight out of Robinson Crusoe. At this beach your guides will light up the bbq while you can snorkel and swim as much as you like. This trip is suitable for everyone.

Day trip to Agio Farango
A wonderful combination of a short gorge hike in the south of Crete and an afternoon of snorkeling in the Libyan Sea. The gorge walk is only 6 km and is very impressive because of its rough nature and special rock formations. At the end of the gorge we will have an amazing view of a secluded bay. Snorkeling out here is a wondrous experience; you can see the bottom of the sea without a problem. We will snorkel to a tiny island with mysterious underwater tunnels; we will see tropical fish and make the most beautiful pictures. As soon as you leave the water the bbq will be ready, because this much beauty will get everyone hungry. This day is a big chance for snorkeling on Crete. 

Snorkel lessons
There is also an opportunity to have snorkel lessons on Crete. We can arrange snorkel lessons for you or we will send you to a nice diving school to have the snorkel lessons.

Also have a look at the snorkel excursion photobook.