Excursions and activities on Crete

At the bottom of this page you will find all the activities available in our excursion package. You have a wide choice of culture trips, nature walks, gorge hikes and rambling, snorkeling tours, diving courses, cook workshops etc. etc. etc. Please take your time reading through them, should you need more information about our excursions and activities on Crete, send us an e-mail: zorbasisland@gmail.com.

Suitability of our excursions
As a goal we try to make all our excursions suitable for all, young and old. Some of our excursions will require you to be in good health and fit, others may require a minimum age: we will always mention this so there are no surprises. All the activities are based on getting you acquainted with the island and with each other, which means they are very suitable for singles and those traveling alone. Please note that we can organize most excursions for larger groups and companies as well.

Combination holiday
All excursions mentioned can be combined into one active holiday. On every page we will give you some examples but you are, of course, free to combine away yourself, so you will have a tailor made holiday. You could combine a beach holiday with rambling, hiking, cooking, snorkeling, diving, cycling, etc. where you could visit more than one of the accommodations offered. The Fly & Drive program serves as a good example: we will arrange your car, all necessary routes and roadmaps; you only need to add your favourite excursions. Should you not wish to drive, then we will be happy to arrange the transfers between the accommodations. There are no specific rules; you can make your holiday as short or as long as you please.

Not every excursion is available from all accommodations due to distance: Crete is a lot bigger than most people realize. All activities and excursions also depend on the weather, both in summer, due to heat, as in winter due to rain and wind. We would be happy to offer you more information by e-mail.

Walking and Hiking: Here you can find more information about the walking excursions we offer you. We have a big variety of walking excursions, for the inexperienced and the experienced walkers.

Cooking workshops: Here you will find more information about the cooking workshops. If you like to learn how to make Greek food, this is the page to find the information.

Outdoor: On this page we try to give you an idea about our outdoor activities. Jeep safaris, quad tours and abseiling are some of the outdoor activities we provide.

Snorkeling: This page is about our snorkeling activities. Also on our boat trips is snorkeling included. One of the most populair activities on Crete.

Diving: On this page you will find information about diving. If you like to dive or like to try it, you can find all the information you need on this page. It is for starters, but also for experienced divers.

Boat trips: Here you can find information about our boat trips. We have sailing trips but also motor boat trips. You also have the opportunity to go fishing on board of the boat.

If you would like more information about a holiday in Crete, we will be happy to assist you. Send an email to zorbasisland@gmail.com and we will answer you personally as soon as possible.