Island hopping from Crete

Island hopping from Crete

Many holidaymakers who have Greece as their destination choose the island of Crete. For many people this is a place to return a several times. But also for people who want something different, besides the wonderfull island Crete, there is the possibility of island hopping from Crete. You start with a nice holiday in Crete, for example for a week. Then take the boat to another beautiful island and will stay there for one or two days. After this you will continue your journey to the next island. At the end of this trip you return to Crete.

With the island hopping from Crete it is definitely worth going to Santorini for one day. After this island you can go with the boat to Naxos or Amorgos. The trip by boat is also a special thing to do! In Naxos you have the opportunity to travel to Corfu, Rhodos or one of the other Islands. The trip is good with an electric bike or scooter. With an electric bike or scooter you are very mobile, so this gives you the chance to see a lot of the islands!

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