Mochos, new excursions on Crete

These days we had a nice diner at Mochos. We also tested some new excursions and activities in Crete for next season. This are some of our winter activies in Crete. Also in winter it is nice to go on holiday to Crete. Have a look at our pictures.

Avdou+Lake+Village+Under+Water+Crete Avdou+Lake+Village+Under+Water+Crete+Greece Mochos+Taverna+Crete+Greese mochos-crete-dinner mochos-crete-greece-dinner-2015 Taverna+mochos+dinner+winter

And this is a one of the new excursions we have tested this week:
New+Excursion+Crete+Summer+Holiday Teloscope+Crete+Stars+Planet+New+Excursion