New walk 2021: a walk with a view

New walk 2021: a walk with a view

We start the walk in one of the oldest villages in the surroundings, founded in the Byzantinian period. The village has well maintained churches from the 13th century, an old Venetian tower (now in use as a house), a war memorial and a beautiful square.

From this village we walk through the fields with beautiful views over the valley. We often see the sea and Dia Island. We walk through the olive fields and the vineyards, with a view on Juchta Mountain and Psiloritis, the highest mountain on Crete with 7 months a year snow, to a second village.

This village was founded during the Minoan period (about 2000 years BC). Nowadays this is one of the bigger villages in the surroundings. The inhabitants live mainly from farming. We walk through the village and visit some churches. In this village you find several churches from the 11th till the 15th century, with beautiful frescos.

After lunch we walk via a different route, through the fields, back to the village where we started.

This walk is suitable for young and old, well trained and not trained.


Duration: approx. 5 hours

Distance: approx. 12 km

Height difference: approx. 200 m

Difficulty level: 2