Olive harvesting on Crete

Olive harvesting on Crete

It is the perfect time to harvest the olives on Crete. Everybody comes together to harvest the olives. Young or old, family or friends, everybody helps. The harvest has been done on different ways. For example, in the old traditional way with sticks or with a machine which slaps the olives from the trees. Everywhere on Crete they are busy with harvesting the olives and ,after the harvest is done, they bring them to the olive factory. In the olive factory the olives get pressed and the oil is made. 6% of the worlds olive oil comes from Crete.


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After the pruning of the olive tree it is time to burn the wood. Mostly after a day in the olives there is a nice barbecue and something to drink before a cozy evening starts.

Fire on CreteOlive wood and fire placeRaki from CreteBarbecue on Crete

Also this week we were busy with setting up new excursions. Like new walks for 2016 and a new car trip.

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