Summer holidays on Crete

It has been very busy this summer on Crete. We have done a lot of excursions with the people who choose Crete as their holiday destination. For the people who needed a rest there were of course a lot of possibilities to have a relaxing day on the beach or swim and snorkel in the mediterranean sea!

Also the boat excursion was very nice for people who didn’t feel like being too active. The boat stops a few times(and the tourists get the chance to swim and snorkel) on its way to Dia Island. On the boat there were of course some cold drinks and some fresh fruits. After the boat arrived at Dia Island, we barbecued with the guests and gave them some time to relax on the beach.

Boat excursions on Crete Boat trips on Crete

Afterwards the boat went on its way back to Crete. Also there was some nice music on board to make it the perfect day for everybody! For more information about the boat excursions have a look on the Boat excursions page

Another of the very popular excursions of this summer was the walking. What is nicer than walking through traditional cretan villages or walk through one of the most beautiful gorges of Crete? Some of the gorges in Crete have even in the summer water in them, which makes it nice in the warmth.

Preveli palm beach on Crete Walking in canyons on crete

Almost all of the walks we did this summer where in the shade. Because walking in the sun with 30 degrees is not a very good idea! We also made sure that during the walk there was enough water for everybody and we made nice lunches on the best spots all over Crete. Also have a look on the Walking Page

For the people who love to be in the kitchen or who love to learn how to make greek food, we had the cooking workshop. The cooking workshop had been done in the mountains. But we didn’t only do cooking there. We walked, climbed, did a wine tasting and we even did some archery to make it a perfect day for young and old.

Coocking on Crete, Coockingcourse Coockingcourses on Crete Greek Food

For more information about the Greek coocking courses have a look on our page,

Ofcourse we also had a lot of evening activities. Such as bingo, disco and live music.
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For more information about accomodations on Crete have a look on our Accomodation page