Cooking excursion on Crete

Cooking excursion on Crete

One of our most popular excursions is the cooking excursion on Crete. On this day we will take you into the mountains to learn some traditional Greek cooking. You’ll learn to make a lot of meze dishes and some main dishes. You learn for example to make Dolmades (Greek vine leaves with rice) and Dakos (traditional Greek village bread with tomato, feta and oregano) and of course a lot more dishes. After you are done cooking you will get the chance to taste everything you have made! You will even get the chance to taste some traditional Greek wine during the cooking excursion on Crete.

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If you really like cooking and you want to learn how to make the greek dishes during your whole vacation, it is also possible to join a cooking week. In this week you will learn how to make a lot of Greek dishes. You will also visit the butcher and the market in Heraklion with our chef.

fish market on cretemarket in heraklion on cretemarket on cretevisit a market in greece

Cooking excursion on Crete: For more information about the cooking excursion on Crete, have a look on this page. It will give you all the information about the traditional Greek kitchen.

We also have made some amazing winter pictures last week. At the moment it is not so warm on Crete and there has been quite some rain. That means that the nature is beautiful on the island. Luckily there are already some (winter)flowers in bloom. Within a few months, all the flowers on the island will start to bloom, which will give an amazing view. The sunset on the island is as beautiful as always.

flowers from creteflowers on cretelandscape cretesunset winter in cretenature on creteolives on crete