Holidays to Crete

Holidays to Crete

After the christmas days and new years parties a lot of people are busy with their summer holidays. For a lot of people it is nice to go on holidays to Crete. Our christmas and new years eve were very nice. On 2nd christmas day we had a nice dinner and on new years eve we’ve had a party!

Dinner at christmass on Crete GreeceHappy holidays on CreteHolidays to CreteNewyear on Crete

Of course we wish everyone a good new year and we hope you’ll come on holidays to Crete! After our new years party and after the last christmas guests left, we start again to focus us on new excursions for the season of 2016. The week we are walking again a lot. We also made some pictures of the sunset here on Crete. It was an amazing view.

Hiking on CreteWalking on CreteNew walks on CreteNature on CreteExcurtions on CreteSummer on CretePictures from CreteLake on CreteSunset on CreteBeautifull clouds on Crete

Accommodation on Crete Here you can find more information about our best accommodation for your holidays to Crete. This accommodation is situated in front of the sea.