Cooking holidays on Crete

Cooking holidays on Crete

Every year we offer a lot of cooking holidays on Crete. In a holiday like this you will have the chance to learn traditional Greek cooking. A visit to the butcher, a visit to the market and 5 days of cooking lessons will make you able to learn traditional Greek cooking. You will learn to make a lot of different dishes, like: Saganaki, dolmades, dakos, moussaka, bekri meze and a lot more. Also a day of cooking in the mountains is included in a cooking week. Every day when you are done with the cooking you will get the chance to taste what you have made.

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Of course it is also important to have a nice and cozy accommodation during your cooking holidays on Crete. If you are near the sea and you can enjoy a beautiful sunset, your evening will be perfect. On some days we organize party’s with Greek live music and dancing.

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Cooking excursion on Crete: For more information about the cooking excursion on Crete, have a look on this page. It will give you all the information about the traditional Greek kitchen.

Accommodation on Crete: On this page you can find more information about the accommodations we offer on Crete.