Summer holidays on Crete

Summer holidays on Crete

The summer holidays have started in whole Europe, so a lot of people like to celebrate their summer holidays on Crete. On the whole island more and more families are arriving to have a nice holiday. Every summer we have a lot of activities for young and old. Boat trips, Walking, Beach party’s, Puzzle tours and a lot more is possible in the summer! For more information about our excursions, have a look on the following page

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Even hiking excursions are possible during the summer. We will always make sure that the hike we do are suitable for summer temperatures. We also make sure that there is more then enough water and a nice lunch in the nature during the hike!

We also organize every week a pancake or burger evening. On this evening you can eat as much pancakes or burgers as you want. Besides that we have every week a special Gyros evening with live music and a barbecue night.

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Of course there is enough time to visit a nice water park or do some games with the children on the beach during your summer holidays on Crete. We also organize a football evening for children and parents to make your holiday on Crete unforgettable.

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For more information don’t hesitate to send a email to We will always reply you personally within 24 hours.

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